Purpose & Core Values

Mission and Core Values of AEBC

  1. The mission of the AEBC in Toronto is to:
    1. advance the kingdom of God by preaching and teaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ,
    2. furthering the cause of missions by obeying the Great Commission,
    3. and serve the Armenian community of Toronto and world-wide as a beacon of hope and truth
  2. The purpose of the AEBC in Toronto is to:
    1. to honor and uphold the truth’s of God’s word through proclamation, teaching, and discipleship studies
    2. to create an atmosphere where couples and families can grow in their faith, and cultivate God honoring relationships with their spouses, children, and others
    3. to instruct children and youth in surrendering their lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and walking in daily surrender to His will and ways. We desire to see a generation of young people who are mighty in spirit and who can raise the banner of victory against the tidal wave of sin and evil.